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Fortunately, a damaged windshield isn’t something that most of us have to deal with very often. They’re actually quite durable when it comes to changing weather conditions, and reasonably resistant to cracking and chipping. But as we all know, when it comes to driving on Arkansas roads, you can always expect the unexpected. Whether you follow a gravel truck too closely, or catch a piece of debris kicked up by another driver on a gravel road, you can easily find yourself faced with a windshield that is too damaged to be safely driven.

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There are very few things that most Arkansans can consistently agree on, but most of them seem to feel like their fellow drivers are the worst in the country. Is it true? Do we have it worse than other areas? There aren’t any agreed on systems to evaluate drivers, and probably won’t be. But there are definitely no shortage of perils to encounter on our roads each time that we get behind the wheel. No matter how cautious and attentive that you are, there’s always the risk of flying debris or extreme weather damaging your windshield to the point that your vehicle cannot be safely driven.

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