Auto Glass Repair
If your vehicle's windshield or window has been cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, come to Capitol Glass Company Inc. Our technicians can repair any automotive glass.
Auto Glass Replacement
When the glass on your vehicle has been damaged beyond repair, our crew can completely replace it. Get a whole new window or windshield today!
ADAS Calibration
The sensors and cameras that enable your vehicle to keep you safe must be calibrated after windshield replacement or collision repair. We have the tools to do it right!

Whether you need a new windshield for your daily driver or a local glass service for your company's fleet, we're dedicated to your total satisfaction!

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News & Updates

Today’s new vehicles are state-of-the-art, and they now include features that we could have never dreamed about a few short decades ago. In addition to automatically dimming your headlights when other vehicles approach at night, many vehicles can even warn you if you’re drifting out of your lane or operating your vehicle in an unsafe manner. Many vehicles can parallel-park themselves, and we’re just a few short years away from vehicles that drive themselves. These next-generation features depend on an intricate system of sensors that need to be regularly calibrated a few times a year or after your vehicle is involved in a collision. Our team at Capitol Glass has been providing trusted auto glass repair in Little Rock since 1950, and we’re also one of the few independent auto glass shops to offer Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) sensor calibration services!

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Some motorists have very specific preferences when it comes to vehicles and do plenty of research in their quest to find their dream car. Many people are more interested in basic transportation and purchase the nicest car they can afford and drive it until the wheels fall off. And we’re just a few short years away from the obsolescence of gas-powered vehicles. Capitol Glass has been in continuous operation since 1950, and we have worked on nearly any type of vehicle you can imagine. We can service whatever type of vehicle you own while you wait, and you never need an appointment!

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