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It’s a beautiful fall day, and you’re cruising down the interstate. The sun roof’s open, your favorite radio station is playing a long block of hits, and there’s a large ice cold soft drink in your cup holder. The Natural State is well known for its scenic beauty, and every now and then, the temperature and humidity backs off just enough to convince you that it’s the perfect day. And then it happens: your trip gets delayed by a big road construction project. To make matters worse, one of the dump trucks at the job site pulls right out in front of you just as you’re about to get moving again, and a piece of gravel falls out the back and slams right into your windshield!

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Most people who call Arkansas home are proud to be from The Natural State, and who can blame them? There’s so much scenic beauty to see, so much great comfort food to eat, and lots of nice people wherever you go. Unfortunately, all bets are off when we’re on Arkansas’ highways. There are very few things that all Arkansans can agree on, but most regard their fellow drivers to be the worst in the country. Whether or not that’s true is up for discussion, but the reality is that no matter how defensively that we drive, and no matter how patient that we are behind the wheel, there are so many things that are out of our control. Even if we’re fortunate enough to avoid a collision on the road, we still run the risk of getting a chipped or cracked windshield from debris on the road, or where we’re parked.

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