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The modern workforce is changing in a lot of different ways. It’s becoming increasingly more automated, and less dependent on human labor. This is good news for consumers, because it usually means lower prices and quicker service. But an increasing number of jobs are being shipped overseas or eliminated in favor of automated ordering systems. People who are fortunate enough to still have jobs are taking on the work of several people, and many people can’t easily take time off of work to attend to non-emergency business.

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Summer is right around the corner! What this means for most Arkansans is outdoor cookouts, spending some time in our great state parks, and the great American road trip! There’s nothing quite like loading up the family into the car or the SUV and crossing a few more states off the map, but it’s important to do it safely. If that cracked or chipped windshield encounters further damage during your big trip, your dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare!

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