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There are so many different ways that you can wind up with a damaged windshield. You might have been following a gravel truck too closely, or another vehicle could have kicked up road debris on the highway. Sometimes rapid changes in temperature can be a culprit. And perhaps you had a small chip or hairline fracture that you simply never got around to dealing with, and it suddenly took a turn for the worse. Whatever the case, your windshield is now heavily damaged, and your vehicle cannot be safely or legally operated until you get repairs.

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It’s no secret that a cracked windshield impairs your ability to see other traffic, so it’s to your advantage to get cracks and dings taken care of right away. You may think windshield repair is too expensive, but the cost to repair a cracked windshield is often less than you’d think. On the other hand, letting it go for a time could wind up being very expensive, especially if it leads to an accident.

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