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As you know, driving on Arkansas roads is generally safe, but you can always expect the unexpected. The thing that we fear the most is getting into a dangerous auto accident. And, although it’s not usually life-threatening, another problem is sharing the road with overloaded gravel trucks: follow one too closely, and your windshield can easily get chipped by loose rocks.

The good news is that our team at Capitol Glass, Inc. is a phone call away any time that you’re looking for quality windshield repair services at value prices. We can also often repair cracked windshield chips if you bring in your vehicle for service before the damage gets too severe.

It’s illegal and irresponsible to drive a vehicle with a damaged windshield, but many motorists think that getting their windshield replaced or repaired is something that they don’t need, or can’t afford. They do, and they can! We can also often work with your insurance company to offer you rock-bottom pricing.

Our shop is conveniently located at 8th and Broadway in downtown Little Rock, and even if you don’t have an appointment, we can offer you lightning-fast service while you wait. We have the most customer focused team in the business who take a lot of pride in their work. The only problem that you can expect is that you might not have enough time to finish your cup of coffee!

And if your work schedule doesn’t permit you to come to us, we’ll come to you! Our mobile service truck is a phone call away, and you can expect all the same quality service that you’d receive at our shop.

Be sure to put the number (501) 374-6422 in your speed dial, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us online at any time!

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