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If your vehicle's windshield or window has been cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, come to Capitol Glass Company Inc. Our technicians can repair any automotive glass.
Auto Glass Replacement
When the glass on your vehicle has been damaged beyond repair, our crew can completely replace it. Get a whole new window or windshield today!
Custom Glass Services
Get a piece of glass that perfectly fits any window, door or furniture throughout your house. We can cut a custom piece of glass to your exact specifications.

Whether you need a new windshield for your daily driver or a local glass service for your company's fleet, we're dedicated to your total satisfaction!

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If you’ve ever had to drive around with a cracked or chipped windshield, you know how difficult that it can be, and the least amount of rain or dust just makes matters worse. But if you’re like many folks, you’ll put off getting a windshield repaired or replaced because you’re worried about the cost. Many families find their budgets stretched paper thin, with little wiggle room for unplanned expenses.

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If you can't see the Road Ahead, A New Windshield From Capitol will Clear Things Up

We’re all very busy people these days, and setting priorities is an important part of managing our obligations. Unfortunately, far too many of us make mistakes when it comes to the things that we need to deal with right away, and the things that can wait. People with a rock chip or a hairline fracture in their windshield don’t always make the time to schedule car or truck windshield replacement right away, because they think that it will take too long, and cost too much. Wrong on both counts!

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