Auto Glass
If your vehicle's windshield or window has been cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, come to Capitol Glass Company Inc. Our technicians can repair any automotive glass.
Auto Glass Replacement
When the glass on your vehicle has been damaged beyond repair, our crew can completely replace it. Get a whole new window or windshield today!
Custom Glass Services
Get a piece of glass that perfectly fits any window, door or furniture throughout your house. We can cut a custom piece of glass to your exact specifications.

Whether you need a new windshield for your daily driver or a local glass service for your company's fleet, we're dedicated to your total satisfaction!

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No matter how much we enjoy our jobs (or at least our paychecks), it’s always challenging to listen to the alarm clock as we lay in our warm, comfortable beds. Once that alarm goes off, our rest is over, and it’s time to start our daily grind. We have to get the children ready for school, and get ourselves ready for work. Not always easy, but it’s something that we all have to do. Fortunately, this morning’s traffic was actually moving. Unfortunately, it was moving just fast enough for the dump truck full of gravel in front of you to drop a loose rock directly on your windshield, leaving behind a crack.

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It’s a beautiful fall day, and you’re cruising down the interstate. The sun roof’s open, your favorite radio station is playing a long block of hits, and there’s a large ice cold soft drink in your cup holder. The Natural State is well known for its scenic beauty, and every now and then, the temperature and humidity backs off just enough to convince you that it’s the perfect day. And then it happens: your trip gets delayed by a big road construction project. To make matters worse, one of the dump trucks at the job site pulls right out in front of you just as you’re about to get moving again, and a piece of gravel falls out the back and slams right into your windshield!

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