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If your vehicle's windshield or window has been cracked, chipped or damaged in any way, come to Capitol Glass Company Inc. Our technicians can repair any automotive glass.
Auto Glass Replacement
When the glass on your vehicle has been damaged beyond repair, our crew can completely replace it. Get a whole new window or windshield today!
Custom Glass Services
Get a piece of glass that perfectly fits any window, door or furniture throughout your house. We can cut a custom piece of glass to your exact specifications.

Whether you need a new windshield for your daily driver or a local glass service for your company's fleet, we're dedicated to your total satisfaction!

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There are a lot of “tuners” that enjoy making after-market modifications to their vehicles to improve their looks or performance, but most people don’t buy a new windshield because they’re tired of the old one. In fact, for most older vehicles, a cracked or chipped windshield is often the last thing that gets replaced. But a small crack can turn into a large one in a hurry, and the inconvenience of replacing a windshield is nothing compared to the cost of a ticket, or in some cases, impound and tow charges. You really can’t afford to take a chance!

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We all know that when you drive on Arkansas roads, you can always expect the unexpected. Our highway department does their best to keep our roads safe, and our police departments are always on the lookout for unsafe driving. Unfortunately, that’s no guarantee that you and your vehicle won’t experience a few problems along the way, no matter how defensively that you drive. We all hope to avoid major accidents when we’re on the road, but what happens when you have a minor one? It happens all the time: we follow a gravel truck too closely, a vehicle in front of us kicks up a chunk of loose asphalt, or the temperature changes, and we wind up with a chip or a crack in our windshield.

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