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Today’s new vehicles offer a host of next-generation features to make them safer and easier to operate. These features include automatically switching your headlights from high beams to low beams as you encounter approaching vehicles and providing haptic feedback if you’re following another vehicle too closely or if you drift out of your lane. Self-driving vehicles will also be commonplace before we know it, and gas-burning vehicles will be a part of our history. But what happens when you’re involved in a collision?

Capitol Glass has been providing premium auto glass repair services in Little Rock since 1950, and we can service both American-made and foreign autos. You never need an appointment for auto glass repair services, and we can repair windshield chips and cracks while you wait. We also now offer Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) sensor calibration to ensure your cameras and sensors are recalibrated to OEM specifications after we replace or repair your windshield!

Modern vehicles have become highly sophisticated and use cameras and sensors to provide real-time information to the vehicle’s automated systems. Your sensors need to be recalibrated two or three times a year to ensure optimum performance, as well as any time the vehicle is involved in a collision. ADAS calibration service will soon be a standard component of routine auto maintenance, but we’re currently one of the only independent auto glass shops in Arkansas to offer this service. Adding ADAS calibration to our services saves our customers a trip to the dealership after we replace or repair their windshields, and we have the most advanced ADAS testing and calibration tools currently available.

Our shop is located on 8th and Broadway in downtown Little Rock, and we’ll ensure that your vehicle’s sensors are fully operational and performing according to your car manufacturer’s specifications once your calibration is complete. We also offer industry-leading turnaround times for onsite windshield repair and replacement services, side window repair, sunroof repair, and side mirror replacement services. And if you’re stranded on the side of the road with a damaged windshield, our mobile auto glass repair truck is always a phone call away!

If you have questions about ADAS calibration, mobile auto glass repair, or on-site windshield replacement, contact us online or at 501-374-6422.

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