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We get it. You’re busy! Time is a commodity that few of us truly have to spare, and the last thing we want to mess with when we get two minutes to rub together is a chipped or cracked windshield. Unfortunately, the more that you procrastinate, the more likely you are to see that small hairline crack turn into a crack large enough to get the attention of our local law enforcement. You might not get pulled over for a damaged windshield, but can you really afford to take that chance?

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When you need a new windshield or need to repair a damaged windshield, it’s pretty inconvenient to be forced to sit around for hours without the use of your car or truck. You’re pretty much stuck sitting in a waiting room while the work is being performed. The coffee isn’t always very good, the TV program they have on isn’t usually very interesting, and the magazines are often out of date. It’s tolerable for a short period of time, but miserable if you have to sit around all day.

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