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There’s nothing wrong with being patient, and there are usually many benefits that accompany taking your time when it comes to making big decisions. But life moves pretty quickly. Contemplation and procrastination often look a lot alike, and sometimes the solution is a bit of delegation. That’s where we come in!

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s the roads, the weather, or both, but driving in Arkansas isn’t for the faint of heart! Even if you’re a defensive driver on a relatively quiet street, you constantly run the risk of rocks and other projectiles chipping your windshield or your paint. You can’t count on snow storms every year in Arkansas, but you can always be confident that we have several ice storms and hard freezes to look forward to every winter. A small hairline crack in your windshield might seem cosmetic and probably won’t get you pulled over, but the real risk is having the chip or crack expand.

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