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Arkansans are always on the move, and we all spend a lot of time on the roads. Whether making your daily commute, taking a business trip, or going on vacation, you do your best to drive defensively and stay safe on our roads. But a lot of things can happen, and windshield damage can strike when we least expect it. The good news is that Capitol Glass offers fast and friendly service on your schedule, and we can come to you!

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There are a lot of different ways for your windshield to get damaged, but they all happen when you least expect it. Whether it’s a rock falling off the back of a truck in front of you, seasonal weather, or a fender bender, it’s important to repair windshield damage right away. It’s both dangerous and illegal to drive with a damaged windshield, and minor damage can spread very quickly. The good news is that our team at Capitol Glass can return your windshield to like-new condition, and the repairs are cheaper than you think!

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