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If you feel like you’re overscheduled, join the club! Time is a precious resource, and it doesn’t seem like there’s ever enough time to take care of all of your personal business. A chipped windshield or a cracked windshield becomes yet another detail to deal with, and you might not know how you’re going to squeeze it in!

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If you own an older vehicle, there’s a pretty good chance that it has a few door dings. They’re standard for any vehicle that’s spent enough time in parking lots. They don’t affect your vehicle’s performance, and they’re not worth the cost of a trip to the body shop. But a damaged windshield is a different story. It’s both dangerous and illegal to drive a car with a cracked windshield, and a small hairline crack can turn into something far more serious in a matter of days. You might not get pulled over for a small chip in your windshield, but are you prepared to take a chance with your family’s safety?

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