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If you often find yourself wondering where all your time went, you’re not alone! Most of us are severely overscheduled, and there seems to be no relief and no end in sight. A damaged windshield is always inconvenient, but it might not seem like your highest priority if you’re struggling to “put out all of your fires.” But even a tiny rock chip or crack can quickly develop into more serious damage, and you’ll have a much more serious problem on your hands if you don’t get it repaired right away. The good news is that Capitol Glass has been offering trusted windshield repair in Little Rock since 1950, and we offer service while you wait!

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Today’s new vehicles offer a host of next-generation features to make them safer and easier to operate. These features include automatically switching your headlights from high beams to low beams as you encounter approaching vehicles and providing haptic feedback if you’re following another vehicle too closely or if you drift out of your lane. Self-driving vehicles will also be commonplace before we know it, and gas-burning vehicles will be a part of our history. But what happens when you’re involved in a collision?

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